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The Art of Getting by on SMP #4

4.5  Months! 20 weeks, and 18lb 4oz –  what a champ! He’s having his moments, and there certainly seems to be some separation anxiety that comes and goes, but Albert is making leaps and bounds. This week, he’s shaking a rattle, moving around all over the place, thrusting his hips up when lying down, rolling… Continue reading The Art of Getting by on SMP #4

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MAM Milk Powder Box – Review

The lovely crew at MAM sent me their milk powder dispenser box to check out so I’ve given it a whirl, and can report back that I love it! Here’s why: Previously we were using a Tesco version of the same, which was fine, but nothing special. It was round, transparent, non-coloured plastic so fairly boring to look at but… Continue reading MAM Milk Powder Box – Review

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Feeding Albie, Part 2

Caution: this is a long, woeful one. Albie’s tongue tie snip was Monday. The instant fix I was expecting didn’t quite come. The doctor told me “throw away the nipple shields and the formula otherwise you’ll never get him solely on the breast”. The breastfeeding counsellor said to do whatever works for now, particularly regarding… Continue reading Feeding Albie, Part 2