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MAM Milk Powder Box – Review

The lovely crew at MAM sent me their milk powder dispenser box to check out so I’ve given it a whirl, and can report back that I love it! Here’s why:

Previously we were using a Tesco version of the same, which was fine, but nothing special. It was round, transparent, non-coloured plastic so fairly boring to look at but it did the job. When I first received the MAM box, my initial thought was that it was bulkier and would take up more space in the changing bag. However, placing it side by side ith the Tesco alternative, while it is wider, it’s also shallower, so surface area wise, they have about the same surface area – so actually I think MAM has the upper hand with the flatter box.


The  box’s engineering is excellent. It has 3 compartments, and comes in the shape of a soft triangle which means the lid doesn’t swivel around. To me, that’s a plus because with our original box, there was always a risk that if I hadn’t had quite enough coffee that day and hadn’t swiveled the lid to the right position, I might open the pot and accidentally dispense two portions of formula, which would not only mess up our plans for the day but also be a wasted bottle as too much powder would be dangerous for baby. It’s also super easy to dispense into the feeding bottle, flowing nicely in and needing minimal shaking to make sure every last bit of powder comes out.

P1030750 (2)

It feels robust, and the quality of the BPA-free plastic feels smooth. It’s easy to clean (it’s steriliser and dishwasher safe too). The snap lids give you confidence that they are closed and aren’t about to leak all over the bag.

The designs are also cute. We were sent the blue version which is decorated with little aeroplanes – fitting in with the purpose of that box, for travel and adventure! It also comes in pink (with flowers) and green (featuring bugs). I have a slight objection to the website’s description of the boxes including the gender they are for (i.e. pink for girls) – but that’s a wider issue with society rather than MAM 😉

The portions that the dispenser holds are large, our great big baby Albert has 7oz bottles, so the pot easily holds these with room for more. Or you could use a compartment to keep a sterilised dummy clean in transit. I also plan to use this for transporting snacks on day trips as he gets older so it’s a really flexible product.

It comes as no surprise to me that this product has won awards (Mother and Baby 2014). MAM’s overall product range is really aimed at making bottle feeding easier. There are so many rules about how to safely make up formula, and so much extra kit is required in the changing bag for formula fed babies, so it’s nice to have access to great products like this so we can all get out there and live our lives.

P1030752 (2)

For this moneysaving mama, the crux is the cost. I originally bought the Tesco tub because at £2 it was the cheapest out there and this box is higher at RRP £5.99. Is it worth it? I would say definitely, the added benefits of this pot outweigh the additional cost. And as an added bonus, I’ve found the green tub on the Mothercare website for just £2.99.

It’s a great product for getting out and about with baby, but it’s also good for use at home, for storing up those night feeds, so you don’t have to count out scoops in the middle of the night, or for leaving with the babysitter while you go out for date night/night on the razz!

Overall, this product is a hit – 8/10! Thanks MAM for helping to make getting out and about easy and fun!

Disclaimer: I have been sent this product for the purposes of providing an honest review. All opinions are my own and I would only recommend I truly felt was worth its salt.




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