The Art of Getting By (on SMP) #2

We are past the 3 month mark now…..where has it gone?! Albie gets chattier and smilier each day. He’s a lot easier to distract when he’s in a mood. Yesterday we managed a fuss-free bath (no such luck tonight though), and he really likes looking at the peace lily I bought the other week (a 50p, yellow stickered item from Asda!). We’ve moved him out of his carrycot and into the buggy attachment on the pram, and the 0-3 wardrobe has been retired for the 3-6 month stuff. He also looks sooo much like me as a baby, and my dad and grandad. My grandad wasn’t this cute though.

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It’s also a year since we completed on our house, so it’s been nice to reflect on the progress we’ve made with it, although we still have a bit more to do.

Here’s how I’ve been saving the pennies this week:

  • Last week I mentioned how I wanted to do the buggyfit class but didn’t want to fork out for them. Well, I decided that I would instead download the Seven Minute Workout app. I planned to do it every day, but have only managed twice – oops – just as well it’s free! I’ve also been walking a lot, and I got my bike back from my parents’ place where it’s been stored for 4 years! When D got home tonight I went for a quick 3 mile spin, just to reacquaint myself. Now I have access to free exercise!
  • I claimed my freebies, I popped to town on Monday for my £1 Boots meal deal, on Tuesday for my free Caffe Nero through O2, and today I went to Waitrose so grabbed my free cappuccino there, which you can claim every day with a MyWaitrose card.
  • I’m bridesmaid for a good friend in October. We’ve picked out our dresses – these Ted Baker numbers, and I’ve now found my shoes. I tried on these red heels yesterday and took a picture to show the bride. She later approved them so I checked online but they weren’t available in my size. I went back to the store today and found the only pair in store, which happened to have two tiny, barely perceptible marks on the heel, so I used this to negotiate 10% off. The shoes were only £24.99 to begin with but I’ve managed to save another £2.50. I’m glad to have found them, as a size 9 it can be tricky, New Look is one of very few high street shops that do a 9 that actually fits me.uk%2FWomens%2FClothing%2FDresses%2FVERONY-Cut-work-midi-dress-Black%2FWA6W_VERONY_00-BLACK_1.jpgdownload (1)

Things we’ve needed to splash out on this week

  • A wardrobe to finally complete our bedroom. We can’t go any longer without one – this three door affair with mirror will solve all our problems. brusali-wardrobe-with-doors-white__0179551_PE331789_S4
  • A bookcase for our landing, so we can finally unpack the rest of our books.brusali-bookcase-white__0351551_PE538347_S4
  • Curtains for Albert’s room – It was hard to find curtains that were the right size, colour and price, but these fit the bill, and there’s a matching lampshade, which we were also in need of. He’s looking huge in his Moses basket so we’re in a rush now to get those fitted so we can move them into his cot which is in his own room.5054070947364download
  • Eyebrows. I just had to get my eyebrows done. This is non-negotiable.20160809_185314.jpg

Next on the shopping/to-do list:

  • We need a drill, so we can put aforementioned curtains up, and do some other jobs around the house that we’ve not been able to do. Sure, we could borrow one, but it feels like something we should have by now.
  • A shed – we’re getting rid of the old shed, left by previous owners. It’s spidery and isn’t watertight, so we need to condemn it and get a new one. We’ve temporarily rehomed the lawnmower in the summerhouse that was also left behind, but it’s not big enough for the bikes, and they can’t live in the dining room forever – they’re annoying me already! After that I might spruce up the summerhouse so it’s a nice place for Albie and his older cousins to play.
  • Shelves – we have a funny little area between the kitchen and bathroom, that I want to deck out as a proper pantry as there just isn’t enough storage space in our kitchen.  We liberated some very useable brackets from my parents’ loft, so we just need to get hold of some shelves to make this dream a reality. For now, I am just Pinteresting dream pantries.




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