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Baby Rules

Albie is nearing 8 weeks old! Here’s what I’ve learnt about parenting and babies so far.

1. Just because they do something once, doesn’t mean they’ll do it again. Bedtime may have gone right on Sunday, it doesn’t mean it will on Monday.

2. They will always poop at the least convenient time, like 10 mins before you’re due to go out.

3. Once you get them to crack a smile you’ll do anything you can to get another one.

4 . Even if you do manage to get them to bed and have yourselves an evening, you’ll probably just spend it looking at photos of your baby on your phone.

5. You’ll refer to yourselves in the third person almost immediately after birthing them, not by name but as “mummy” or “daddy”, even if baby isn’t around.

6. If you have big plans for their next naptime, they have bigger plans.

7. If you’re a first time parent, you’ll  Google everything. Twice. Then feel even more confused than you did before you started.

8. Once you discover sleepsuits that button up, all those ones that don’t button up will never get worn. Too. Much. Effort.

9. Never, ever comment out loud that they are “a good sleeper” or “rarely sick”.  That’s bound to turn around in the very next moment. Don’t even think it. They can hear you.

10. “Sleeping when the baby sleeps” is harder than it sounds. I’ve literally napped once in the last 8 weeks.


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