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Pregnancy – 37.5 Week Update

I haven’t really done any regular pregnancy updates, but I thought I might today. I’m just gonna put this out there – I am fed up beyond belief.

Every twinge or new, different feeling that I feel, I convince myself this is it. The thought that everything could happen tomorrow but is just as (if not more) likely to be in up to a month’s time is enough to send me to tears.

I’ve started to wake up in the morning and feel disappointed that I didn’t go into labour in the night. The other night, D came to bed later after staying up to watch Match of the Day, I was already asleep and when I stirred and found him faffing around, fully dressed in the dark, I nearly said “is it time to go to the hospital?”.

This could have been because it was the same day that we visited the maternity unit at the hospital, which was lovely. I’d quite happily move in there and have those wonderful midwives look after me til the time comes.

We’re still not quite there with the house, we need to finish out bedroom so we can move back in there. At the moment, we remain in the baby’s room, so we probably have just enough time to get our room finished before the due date. But the thing is, I don’t actually care that much anymore, it doesn’t matter what room we’re in, as baby will be in with us initially anyway.

One plus of having to wait til closer to the due date is that my maternity leave doesn’t start til 9 May (due date is 12 May) so I will maximise my time off by holding off til then. If I give birth early, maternity leave is triggered early and my annual leave will have to be recalculated and carried over the next year.

I’ve bought some raspberry leaf tea and dates and am eating/drinking these religiously in the hope that the idea that both shorten labour is true. One plus of staying pregnant is that I can build up some more of the good stuff they bring.

I’ve got to go for a growth scan at some point soon, when an appointment comes through. My 36-week midwife visit was with a different midwife than usual, and she said that the measurements were a little off when she measured the baby, though she was quick to point out that this could be because she measures from a different point than the other midwife, so I am not too worried about this, if the baby is on the smaller side (but healthy, obvs), that’s fine by me – I just need to remember when I go to tell them that we don’t know the gender and we don’t want to inadvertently get told at this point! Anyone had any experience of growth scans at this late stage in pregnancy?

In other thrilling news, I had a confusing letter from the health visitor which said I had an appointment on Friday 27th April. It’s just come to my attention that that’s not a day, so I’ve called and we’re assuming the appointment is in fact on Wednesday 27th April. I don’t really know what to expect. Are they assessing me? My house? Both? Neither?

In the meantime, I’m busying myself doing last minute things like unpacking the buggy’s carrycot. That took a whole 5 minutes. I need to buy a parking permit for our street.I might save that for tomorrow, can’t handle too much excitement in one day…

Who’s in the same boat? Are/were you are the same pissed off, uncomfortable point as me at this point?


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