My Surprise Baby Shower

In my diary this week at work, I had an invite to an end-of-project party. I didn’t think this was anything unusual, it was a pretty cumbersome project which took up a lot of time for all of us, so I was glad to see the back of it. My colleagues started setting up while I carried on at my desk – with only a few days left I am desperately trying to wrap everything up before I go on maternity leave so was pretty distracted from what was happening around me. I waddled down to our canteen at 4pm with a couple of other colleagues who had also stayed at their desks, and when we got there, I heard “Happy baby shower”!

I was SO surprised, I had no idea they were planning this, I genuinely thought we were celebrating the end of the salary review! There were balloons and bunting, and sandwiches, crisps, fruit (what’s that!?) and lovely cakes and scones which they had spent their weekends baking, including these beauties with the little booties. This photo doesn’t do them justice at all, rather hastily taken but the effort on Kat’s part was very touching. She did half pink and half blue, since we didn’t find out what we were having.


On to the presents, I was utterly amazed to receive a Cath Kidston changing bag and babygro/hat set a la, what a generous lot!421898

I’m delighted with this bag and hope it’s as great in practice, time will tell! I’d just started looking at changing bags for myself and had found one I really liked the look of in John Lewis (here), but was put off by some bad reviews and had become disheartened and was procrastinating over further search so this came at just the right time!

The reviews for this one look great, and it comes with a changing mat and other  removable organisers. The outside pockets have an extremely satisfying magnetic fastening – I do love that snap. Above all, it’s wipe clean, so virtually poo-nami proof. It was originally £95, but is currently reduced to £75 on the Cath Kidston site. The bag also comes in the British Bird, Posy and Latimer Rose prints though only the spot benefits from the current reduction in price.


The rabbit babygro is SO sweet and I’m amazed at the generosity of my colleagues, with not one but TWO gifts from Cath Kidston. Some of them are slightly bemused by the fact we haven’t found out the sex of the baby, so snaps to them for finding this gender-neutral set. It also meant that they could do a sweepstakes on the gender, date of birth and weight of the baby – the guesses are as follows:

10/15 of them think we’re having a boy- there’s a 50% chance they’re right!

5/10 of them think baby will come early, 10/15 think late – nobody’s guessed on the due date, I guess they all know the statistics in the likelihood of that!

The weight guesses –  I work in a team that’s a realy mix of Brits and Europeans so half of the guesses are in kilograms, but by my estimations they’ve all guessed around the 7-9 lb mark – no whoppers!

Looking forward to finding out whose guess was closest, sometime between 6th and 20th May!


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